Which are the differences?

Tubeless - no tubes needed

Tubeless / TL Easy / TR Tubeless Ready

"Tubeless" means that no normal tube is necessary for the tire to operate normally.

In general there are two different types of tires:

  • The classic tire - a tube is needed
  • Tubeless tires - can be used with or without tubes

Sometimes a special rim is needed to run the tire tubeless. Your rim needs to be marked as tubeless compatible. There are several manufacturer that offers special tubless-kits to change your normal rim to tubless compatible. We recommend to use special fluids to keep the tire tight.

Advantages using tubeless tires

There are several advantages in off-road use:

  • Higher level of grip and comfort (Tubeless tires can be used with a lower tire preasure.)
  • The roll resistance is lower (The tube doesn't rub on the inside of the tire.)
  • Better level of puncture protection (No "snake bites")
  • Less rotating weight

Assembly hints

1. Mount the tire to the rim and inflate it

Mount the tire to the rim like every other normal tire. There are special assemply fluids to get the tire easier on the rim. Mount the tire using a tire iron made out of plastic. The following step is to inflate the tire.

Important: Please check the maximum preasure recommended for tire and rim!

2. Check the correct position of the tire

When the tire is inflated properly it makes a typical sound sliding into the rim. Please check the correct position of the tire using the line on the side of the tire.

3. Deflate the tire and insert the sealing fluid

When the tire is in correct position, deflate the tire using the valve and insert the sealing fluid through the valve.

4. Reinflate the tire and turn it around

Reinflate the tire afterwards and tourn it around so the fluid can reach every part of the tire.

5. Reinstal your wheels and start your ride

Have a nice ride! Any questions left? Get in touch with us!