Shipping costs - delivery information

Shipping within Germany

The shipping costs within Germany are 3.95 EUR. For orders of 50 EUR and above, we will ship FREE OF CHARGE, regardless of the weight and size of your parcel.

Your order will be shipped with UPS and a dedicated tracking number.

Please note that UPS does not deliver to packing stations!

Delivery time

We ship your order to the indicated delivery address immediately after receipt of payment. The delivery time from 2 to 4 business days (Mon-Fri) applies to Germany once payment has been received. Please note that the payment option "payment in advance" can delay this process by one day (Mon-Fri). If the last day of the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, the next workday will serve as substitute.

Please note that if your order contains items with different delivery dates, we will send the order as one shipment, unless we have arranged a different method with you. The delivery time for your whole order will hence be the one quoted for the article with the longest delivery time.

We ship with UPS only. Subsequent deliveries will of course be dispatched without additional shipping costs. Please note that delivery to packing stations or PO Boxes is not possible. Furthermore, please be aware that we cannot influence the delivery time of UPS.

International shipping

We ship with UPS only. After your parcel has been handed over to UPS, you will receive your dedicated tracking number by e-mail. With this number, you can track the progress of your shipment on

Delivery time for international shipments

In the following table, you will find the delivery times for the countries we ship to.

EU countries

Country up to 400€ (1) above 400€ (1) extra transit time (2)
Austria 5.95 € 0 € + 1-2 days
Belgium 5.95 € 0 € + 1-2 days
Bulgaria 19.95 € 19.95 € + 3-4 days
Denmark 5.95 € 0 € + 2 days
Estonia 9.95 € 0 € + 4-5 days
Finland 9.95 € 0 € + 5-7 days
France 9.95 € 0 € + 2-3 days
Greece 19.95 € 19.95 € + 5-7 days
Netherlands 5.95 € 0 € + 2 days
Ireland 9.95 € 0 € + 3 days
Italy 5.95 € 0 € + 2-3 days
Croatia 9.95 € 0 € + 5-6 days
Lithuania 9.95 € 0 € + 4-5 days
Latvia 9.95 € 0 € + 4-5 days
Luxembourg 9.95 € 0 € + 1-2 days
Malta 19.95 € 19.95 € + 6-7 days
Poland 9.95 € 0 € + 2 days
Portugal 9.95 € 0 € + 3-4 days
Sweden 9.95 € 0 € + 3-5 days
Slovenia 9.95 € 0 € + 2-3 days
Spain 9.95 € 0 € + 3 days
Czech Republic 9.95 € 0 € + 1-2 days
United Kingdom (UK) 9.95 € 0 € + 2-3 days

(1) All prices include German Tax (Mwst).
(2) Delivery time which you have to add to the delivery time indicated in the respective article.

Non-EU countries

Country from 400€ (3) including German tax (1) extra transit time (2)
Liechtenstein 89,00 € 80,77 € incl. 8% German tax + 1-2 days
Norway 89,00 € 93,49 € incl. 25% German tax + 3-5 days
Switzerland 89,00 € 80,77 € incl. 8% German tax + 2-3 days

(1) The price calculation is based on the gross price plus the gross shipping costs incurred for the respective destination country. The import turnover tax of the respective target country is added to the net amount resulting from the total amount, net of German VAT. The amount to be paid by you is calculated from this invoice. There are no further costs (e.g. customs clearance).
(2) Delivery time which you have to add to the delivery time indicated in the respective article.
(3) Please note that the minimum order value per delivery to non-EU countries is 400.00 € (including 19% Mwst / German Tax).

Shipping your bike professionally and savely

All bikes are professionally packed with special packaging material in special sturdy bike boxes.

Before we prepare your bike for shipping, it is fully assembled and checked by our bike technicians. We adjust the circuit, centre the wheels, check all screw connections and adjust the chassis to your individual weight. Only when everything is 100% correct, the bike will be partly disassembled before dispatch.

Do not worry! This only means that the front wheel, handlebars and pedals are not mounted for shipment and can easily be attached upon receipt of your bike.

This is to be done:

  • Insert the front wheel into the fork and secure it with the quick release or the axle
  • Fix the handlebar to the stem
  • Put the seatpost into the frame and tighten
  • Mount the pedals
  • For trekking bikes with light system, the plug has to be connected to the hub dynamo and, if necessary, the fender has to be attached

You will need standard Allen Keys. With the sizes 4, 5, 6 and 8 you are well prepared. A 15mm open-end wrench is recommended for pedal mounting.

Please note that for legal reasons we are not allowed to attach ordered accessories to the bike. We will just add those parts to the order.

We equip all bicycles, except road bikes, with basic flat pedals. You are ready to ride!

Damage during transport

In the unlikely event of damage caused during transport, please take note of the following:

  • Please take photos of the damages and ask the deliveryman to record the damages.
  • If the box is damaged, immediately check the condition of the goods inside and if necessary also document it with photos.
  • Please send all evidence to us as soon as possible. We will also need your name and order number. You will find these in one of the confirmation e-mails.

Billing and guarantee

We always provide an invoice for each delivery. Please keep it for future reference. It will be required as proof of warranty and / or warranty claims.

Claims and returns

Should any problems or wrong deliveries occur, please send us a short e-mail. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

E-mail: shop(at)

In case of return, we would like to ask you to contact us by e-mail with your customer number, order number and / or your full name.

Please note our general terms and conditions.