Trails - Degree of Difficulty

Degrees of Difficulty

Single Trails

BLUE - easy

Single trails are not gravel roads. Blue trails are basically hiking trails with easy difficulty.

RED - ambitiously

Now it gets exciting. The red single trail is more ambitiously to ride. Roots, small steps or tight corners are to expect. A good technique and experience are necessary. You will need concentration, body control and mainly: braking control.

BLACK - advanced

The royal class of trail riding: These are hiking trails that are hard for even hikers themselves. Whoever gets to the end "touch down", is part of an elite group of riders. Large root, high overhangs, rocks, steps and super tight corners - practice is key!

VIOLET - extreme

These are single trails that do not allow any driving errors!

Note: It is almost impossible to find a route that has the same degree of difficulty over a large distance. Be prepared that a blue trail can become a black trail and vice versa.