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  1. CUBE Attention SL aqua'n'blue 2018
    CUBE Attention SL aqua'n'blue 2018


    Attention makes it easy for you to kick off  into the sporty world of mountain bikes. 2x10 Shimano drivetrain and air suspension fork are also known from CUBE's high-performance racers. Optionally with 27.5 or 29 inch wheels.

  2. Haibike SDURO HardNine 9.0 2018
    Haibike SDURO HardNine 9.0 2018


    The Sduro HardNine 9.0 comes in 2018 with the new Bosch Intube battery, high-quality RockShox Yari air suspension fork, Shimano XT circuit and powerful Magura disc brakes. 29 inches of tires.

  3. Focus Whistler SL Firered 2018
    Focus Whistler SL Firered 2018


    Ready for the mountain bike tour! The top of the 2018 Whistler range comes with RockShox suspension fork, Shimano XT / SLX shifting group and Continental Race King tires. Optionally in 27.5 or 29 inches.

  4. CUBE Hanzz 190 TM 2018
    CUBE Hanzz 190 TM 2018


    Your new Gravity Bike! The Hanzz comes with 27.5 inch wheels and 190mm suspension at the rear. e * thirteen components and Fox suspension make it the perfect freerider!

  5. CUBE Reaction TM 2018
    CUBE Reaction TM 2018


    The slightly different hardtail: width of 2.6 "tires, 130mm fork and variable support make the Reaction TM your trail companion 27.5 inch wheels.

  6. Giant Full-E+ 1.5 Pro LTD Black/Red 2018
    Giant Full-E+ 1.5 Pro LTD Black/Red 2018


    Bring your trail riding to new heights. The Full-E + Pro gives you the power to climb higher and ride longer.

  7. CUBE SL Road SL 2018
    CUBE SL Road SL 2018


    Almost as fast as a racing bike, but much more comfortable! This deluxe fitness bike is equipped with Shimano Ultegra gears, Deore disc brakes and DT Swiss wheels.

  8. CUBE Touring Hybrid EXC 500 black'n'grey 2018
    CUBE Touring Hybrid EXC 500 black'n'grey 2018


    Clean appearance, perfect component selection, Bosch Active Plus Cruise engine. This package gives the new Touring Hybrid EXC 500. Diamond frame.

  9. Haibike SDURO Cross 9.0 2018
    Haibike SDURO Cross 9.0 2018


    Only the best: the top model of the SDURO Cross series comes with the new Bosch Intube battery, Shimano XT circuit and powerful Magura MT4 disc brakes.

  10. Kalkhoff Endeavour Move B9 magicblack matt Trapez 2018
    Kalkhoff Endeavour Move B9 magicblack matt Trapez 2018

    2.699,00 UVP

    Special Price 2.499,00

    The Kalkhoff Endeavor Move B9 stands for longevity, driving pleasure and comfort. Bosch engine, Tektro brake system and Shimano drive all contribute their share. Color: magicblack matt - frame shape: trapeze

  11. KTM Macina Sport 11 CX5 2018 Einrohr
    KTM Macina Sport 11 CX5 2018 Einrohr

    3.199,00 UVP

    Special Price 3.099,00

    The Macina Sport 11 shines with a meaningful and usual high-quality Shimano Deore / SLX component mix and has delicately integrated the new new Bosch Intube battery in the frame. Easy entry variant.

  12. CUBE Race ONE 2018
    CUBE Race ONE 2018


    Race performance with high-end equipment for a small price. Shimano XT 2x11 drivetrain, RockShox air fork and 29 inch wheels make it a biker's favorite.

  13. Winora Sinus Tria 10 2018 Herren
    Winora Sinus Tria 10 2018 Herren


    Quality, comfort, endurance - The Sinus Tria 10 comes with a Bosch performance cruise engine, Shimano drivetrain and brakes, paired with a comfortable SR Suntour NEX suspension fork with lockout. Men's version.


MTB Sale

  1. Focus JAM Limited (2017)
    Focus JAM Limited (2017)

    2.999,00 UVP

    Special Price 2.199,00

    This JAM is custom made by RABE Bike! Our experienced experts choosed the best parts for you to maximize the driving pleasure! FOX suspension, DT-Swiss wheels and a full Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes.

  2. Cannondale Jekyll 2 (2018)
    Cannondale Jekyll 2 (2018)

    5.999,00 UVP

    Special Price 4.999,00

    The 2018 Jekyll is ready to accelerate! Super stiff thanks to carbon main frame and aluminum rear triangle! Sram's X01 12-Speed Drive keeps the gear in the right place at all times. Fox Float Performance suspension for maximum traction!

  3. Cannondale Jekyll 3 (2018)
    Cannondale Jekyll 3 (2018)

    3.999,00 UVP

    Special Price 3.599,00

    The new Jekyll 3 Carbon is prepared for all requirements. The 1x11 Shimano drivetrain provides plenty of propulsion and the Fox Float Performance suspension does not scare you away from a rough ride! Maximum driving pleasure is guaranteed!

  4. Focus Jam Lite firered 2017
    Focus Jam Lite firered 2017

    3.699,00 UVP

    Special Price 2.199,00

    Let the trails begin! The Focus Jam is the optimum trail bike. Smooth RockShox suspension and X01 Eagle derailleur. Let's ride!

  5. Cannondale Trigger 3 Carbon (2018)
    Cannondale Trigger 3 Carbon (2018)

    3.999,00 UVP

    Special Price 3.199,00

    The new trigger. Built for those who love to go out and give it all - for fighters and adventurers! The carbon main frame and the 2x11 drive of Shimano, let you run to new peak performances!

  6. Cannondale Jekyll 1 (2018)
    Cannondale Jekyll 1 (2018)

    7.499,00 UVP

    Special Price 5.999,00

    For the new top model Jekyll 1 Fullcarbon the best is just good enough! The Fox Factory suspension is ready to take off and fly over flowy, technical and really nasty trails. Sram's 12x Eagle drive delivers the maximum bandwidth.

  7. Cannondale Trigger 2 Carbon (2018)
    Cannondale Trigger 2 Carbon (2018)

    5.999,00 UVP

    Special Price 5.099,00

    Big ups and downs. With its new dual-mode damper and Ai-powered all-mountain geometry, the new trigger is for days out in the mountains. Fox Float performance suspension and 1x12 Eagle drive from Sram are state-of-the-art.

RABE Online Shop offers a wide selection of bikes. Our product range includes different mountain bikes to satisfy your individual needs, from hardtail to full suspension. You'll also find road bikes, trekking bikes for leisure and city tours, as well as e-bikes for environmentally-friendly cycling with motor support. We put great emphasis on high quality bicycles from top manufacturers such as Cannondale, Centurion, CUBE, Focus, GIANT, Haibike, Kalkhoff and Santa Cruz – at unbeatable prices!

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A bicycle is both an ideal sports device and a useful form of transport in the city and beyond. However, whether it's a mountain bike, road bike, city bike or trekking bike – quality is key. We guarantee that you can rely on our bikes, be it for your relaxed evening rides, an Alpine crossing or on your way to work.

A prime example are the mountain bikes, e-bikes and road bikes by the German brand CUBE, which are among the most popular bicycles, and not only in Munich. The CUBE bikes' value for money is simply fantastic: high quality frames made of aluminium or carbon, combined with well-conceived components.

Our selection also includes specifically optimised mountain bikes and road bikes for women.

Our brands rank among the pioneers in mountain bike manufacturing. Even today, their newly developed models are innovative and groundbreaking.

There is no doubt about it: No matter what bike you are looking for, you will find it here! If you require help with your decision, please contact us by phone, e-mail or personally in one of our RABE Bike stores.